Hot Air Ballooning

The Magical Sky Experience


Tranquil, Romantic, Enthralling & Exciting.

Come and experience the sheer magic of hot air ballooning with Balloon Flight Adventures. We have a team of highly experienced pilots and crew who will make your experience an unforgettable one, right from your tranquil ascent to the Champagne style celebration on landing!

Day-break is the best time to fly, with conditions clear, cool, calm and stable; perfect for a gentle drift out over the patchwork country side below.

Hot air balloon pilot

Let our experienced pilots and ground crew take care of you on a fantastic skyward adventure. We are passionate about both hot air ballooning and making your flight a special experience you will never forget.

Float over some of the loveliest countryside in the UK and mark your achievemnent after landing with our champagne-style celebration and souvenir items.

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“Evening champagne balloon flight from Crosthwaithe in the Lyth Valley, Cumbria”

Amazing from start to finish. Graeme & Nicola along with Matthew are a fab team; they let you get involved with the whole process from helping get the balloon up and ready to folding away and toasting the tradition of champagne after flight. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t stop talking about it to friends and family, I also captured some great photographs of Ariel views across the Lyth Valley. I 100% recommend this service and the breath-taking experience that they offer.

Fantastic Experience! Thank you so much. We were given the flight as a wedding present and it was certainly something we won’t forget!!

Wonderful flight, the best weather, fantastic crew. Better than we expected by far! One to be recommended!


Excellent, the crew got us involved from the start, helping out getting the balloon up, fantastic flight with amazing views and a really hairy landing – brilliant!!! Would do it again in an instant.