About Us

bowker_pendlePendle Balloon Company was formed in 1994 by Graeme Church, a commercial balloon pilot, instructor and light aeroplane pilot. The company had sixteen great years operating the famous Pendle Witch, Bowker and other well known hot air balloons, and took over Cumbria Balloons in 2006 and High Adventure Balloons in 2008.

The company was then acquired by a national operator (Go Ballooning) in 2010. After the demise of Go Ballooning in spring 2013 we decided to reform our original company. Whilst our competitors have now moved to operating far larger balloons carrying up to 20 passengers each, we have instead decided to offer a more individual and personal flight experience, with an average of  six passengers per balloon.

When you ring us perhaps to find out more, or to book a flight, you’ll be speaking to us directly, and with our knowledge and experience we’ll be able to give you the best help and advice. We look forward to hearing from you.   Our contact details are: info@pendle-balloon-flights.com or phone: 01254 247277