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Sagrantino Cup, Italy

No Metz this year, so what about Sagrantino? A long way to drive with a trailer, but morning only flights, no camping and the promise of plenty of free wine tempted us to give this one a try…. With a two day trip via France and Switzerland, including a few extra hours spent on Dover […]

Alpine Flying

For quite a number of years we have made the trip to Austria to the winter Alpine balloon meets. The reason being is that the air at that time of year is very cold and very stable which usually allows us to fly every day and provides spectacular views. The down side is we have […]

Cross Channel Flight

Over the years our company has take part in a number of epic flights and one that immediately springs to mind was a flight across the English Channel from Dover to Calais. The flight was organised for the Variety Club of Great Britain Charity and had about 70 teams participating. We went down with 2 […]