About Your Flight

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow Long is a Balloon Flight Experience?

Generally, allow up to four hours for our complete flight experience. After meeting the crew you’ll  be driven in our 4-wheel drive vehicles to a suitable launch site chosen for the wind direction on the day of the flight, so that you’ll get the best flight experience.

Following a detailed flight briefing, you’ll then be invited to help the pilot and crew with preparing the balloon for flight.

Once aboard the wicker basket,  your magical flight begins. The launch is so gentle you’ll hardly know you’ve left the ground. The peace and gentleness of ballooning will surprise you, and the views are unsurpassable. As you drift along with the breeze, the scenery slowly changes until, after approximately an hour in the air, it’s time to land.

When you’ve landed, your flight is celebrated with a champagne style toast and you’ll also be presented with a flight certificate to help you remember  a fantastic adventure.


What Time of Day do Flights Take Place?

Flights are usually flown around day-break, when air conditions can be clear, calm, cool and stable. We do  sometimes fly in the evening after the heat and wind has reduced.

Do Flights Operate All Year Round?

Hot Air Balloons need calm, clear and stable conditions. This means that whilst we do fly in the winter months, most of our flying takes place from Easter through to late Autumn.

Where Do Flights Take Place and How Do I Buy a Flight?

Find out details here of where we fly, how to buy and arrange your flights.

Still got questions? Then contact us at info@pendle-balloon-flights.com or 01254 247277

Balloonists Prayer
The winds have welcomed you with their softness

The sun has blessed you with his warm hands
You have flown so high and so well
That god has joined you in laughter
And set you gently down again
Into the loving arms of mother earth